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A few of the papers I have authored appear on this page.  My google scholar page offers a longer list.

How to Increase Global Wealth Inequality for Fun and Profit elaborates on the trading strategy that is likely a primary cause of recent increased wealth inequality.
Information, Impact, Ignorance, Illegality, Investing, and Inequality notes a mechanism that likely contributed significantly to growing wealth inequality over the past two decades.
Figuring out a handshake (first published in the Feb 2017 edition of Physics World) explains why you do not have the wealth you think you have.
A picture of individual wealth in the United States provides a physicist's look at the distribution of wealth circa 2008.

Scientific Merit
A Quantitative Measure of Experimental Scientific Merit proposes an explicit measure for quantifying the scientific merit of completed and proposed experiments.  
A Quantitative Measure of Theoretical Scientific Merit extends this measure to theoretical research, and constructs a total measure of scientific merit.
A videotaped seminar presentation shows common questions and reactions to the idea.
Capitalist Science extends the scientific measure to the global economy.
This thinking eventually led to Blunt Honesty, Incentives, and Knowledge Exchange, a fully privatized mechanism for knowledge exchange.

Particle Physics
Sleuth@D0 PRL; Sleuth@D0 PRD 1; Sleuth@D0 PRD 2
Quaero motivation; Quaero algorithm; TurboSim; Optimal binning